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» Interview with Igor Bezlerom, the defender of people in New Russia

Interview with Igor Bezlerom, the defender of people in New Russia

Interview with Igor Bezlerom, the defender of people in New Russia

Interview with Bezlerom in the conventional journalistic sense, in general, was not.Yes, and some interviews, if even for a second we were not alone: ​​every now and then solved along the way humanitarian aid issues, daily life of the city, the phone rang constantly, and the tone changed from Besa neutral polite to metallic hard. Then lunch in a hurry, a toast to the meeting, for the victory and, as usual, the third for the dead - we remembered the brandy, Bes and Andrew mineral water. Their lives Liquor generally completely absent, and the bad habits of a cigarette. With difficulty Bes has carved out a minute on a bandage, and only when the doctors of the requests passed to the requirements.

On the extreme fight (so I want to say the last, but you know that still a long way to the end, so in the tradition of Landing Forces and Special Forces say - extreme) Bezler said reluctantly, more "spread" other. And then from a variety of puzzles composed picture of the battle, from which even the survivors it becomes not fun. A few details: Bezlera unit has entered the carefully disguised brigade "ukrov" - even drone not found dug into the ground armored vehicles, bunkers, trenches. Almost 5 hours just over fifty fighters fought with a half thousand "ukrov": one against the whole platoon. Wounded and shell-shocked, they escaped by pulling all the victims. The Nazis lost almost the entire team - hundreds of dead and wounded, burned equipment, panic, terror. Such Bezler desperate and daring, these are his guys. God protect him, apparently knows what and for what.

Igor Bezler, call Bes, has long been a charismatic figure in the resistance of the Donbass. Perhaps the most popular in the New Russia is not inferior to firearms, and hated even surpasses Kiev. Perhaps the reason for this outrageous his actions, perhaps the fear that the Germans feel to it. Perhaps also because he did not suffer a single defeat that eliminated crime in the city, and local oligarchs work to dig trenches on the clearance and generally work for the benefit of the people that maintained infrastructure, and above Gorlovka actually "no-fly" zone - attack aircraft and helicopters overfly its side, or one hundred percent guarantee "landing" is already in the form of debris.

Igor is easy to distinguish from the crowd - above average height, lean. Piercing blue eyes - blue heaven, but look heavy, not every stand. Harsh, but rather it is elaborated manner of communication aimed at psychological repression. Questions answered immediately, without preparation, a little squinting eyes - so shoot offhand at the slightest rustle. In landing the head, turn the shoulders, in the view - is felt in every psychological resistance to stress, well-trained for years of service.

- Why Bes?

- The nickname since childhood. Probably for being naughty.

- Gunmen came in Slavic - symbolism in the name of the city, named as Catherine. You - in Gorlovka. Why Gorlivka?

- The city is beautiful, I liked.

- In Ukraine, you are wanted as a saboteur of the GRU. Ukrainian "bezpeka" thinks you are the most dangerous state criminal. Charged with not only disarmament of military units in the Crimea, the Security Service and police departments, but also to create a network of agents. Is it true?

- In the Crimea, was awarded a medal and a cross (the Crimea, not Russian). Parts not disarmed - they themselves bored samostiynost yellow-Blakitnogo - or rather, the oligarchic-gangster lawlessness, that opened the gates. Well, we were very polite - education affects. The rest without comment.

- Humanitarian aid comes?

- Earlier is not always as weapons. Who is better.

- How are you going to spend the winter? On one humanitarian aid will not stay.

- Guessing is not going to - I'm a realist. Ukraine is waiting for handouts from the West, the seed was not, and therefore there is nothing to clean up. Feeding country Kiev Donbass destroyed by shells and bombs, burned fields, destroyed the inhabitants or expelled them from the native Russian land only for the fact that they are Russian, they do not want to practice Uniate dogma, be slaves of the Poles and the Germans - a different mentality. We're not at the sacral level toadies unlike zapadentsev. Equipment Kharkov and Zaporozhye plants are transported to the western region, halting production. Idiots, they also must work, otherwise it's just a scrap! War no one stopped, and all these American bedding, seized power and non-Ukrainians in blood going to fight to the last Ukrainian! .. We work in all: mines, factories, infrastructure, kindergartens, schools, pharmacies, other than those who produced amphetamine. With dope also finished as general crime and corruption. But Gorlivka - more than the entire Donbass. It will be hard, but we are Russian, we stand, but the rest of Ukraine will not sweet - it is a fact.

- You are a military man, so - with systems thinking. But one person can not handle the huge city, especially when to decide purely military tasks. Wanted industry experts.

- They are. We have kept the old staff, only weaned taking bribes and stealing - were quick learners. Mr. Klep- remained mayor with the seal and signature rights. I did the beach and care (sitting under guard. - Comm.'s) - Shaved bald, disguised in the spirit of the times, in the morning singing Hymn of the Soviet Union, the rise in 6 rebound at 22:30. Morally cleansed - do not steal, do not take bribes, giving the people what Nahapan, and building roads. Will sit until reeducate. Let him know for yourself what it means to live within our means. Became a patriot - ordered to hang around the city Russian flags, leave in all taxes, save salary militias in enterprises where they used to work. Careful we mayor.

- How do you assess the current Kiev authorities?

- How can you assess the traitors? They will have their Nuremberg Tribunal. I regret that Peter Poroshenko weighed only 2 slap when in Simferopol drove him from the building of the Supreme Council to the station. They can only take away and divide, such gangster upbringing. They were taught it from childhood - see their biography. Flawed and notorious, with the consciousness of small speculators, they can not be statesmen, and that's it.

- Authorities in Kiev hammered that is patriotic war of the Ukrainian people, which is reflected Russian aggression. You're fighting with someone?

- We fight against the fascists. We are fighting the global financial and industrial oligarchy, for which Ukraine is only a means to achieve the main goal - to destroy Russia, Russian, Slavs. Here is the answer: to pit the Slavs - let themselves destroyed. We will fall - all the nations will be on his knees, because no nation, no people can not resist them, except Russian.
Was a coup, the crowd at the anthem of Nazi Germany killed and maimed "berkutovtsev" - such as the Ukrainians, but remained faithful to the oath. Who came to power? And Yanukovych accomplices of looting the country, which did not become a state. Accomplices Kravchuk, Kuchma and Yushchenko - they differ only in the scale of the robbery. Sodden people echoed his Panama - "Russia invaded." Yes, if at least Russia imposed division, then tomorrow its troops would already be in Lviv. More precisely, in the ancient town of Lemberg, and the current Banderovites need to understand this. And do not forget that we remember Volyn massacre of Poles, Jews shootings and gas vans, Chatyn, but a lot more then than bloodying not only their hands on their parents and grandparents, but also poisoned hatred for all nebanderovskomu generations. With us fighting mercenaries - the Americans, the Anglo-Saxons, the Arabs, the Swedes - which only trash not. Our land they need? Well, it will take them and bury. Otherwise there will be.

- In your units have the Ukrainians?

- I have almost all of the local, which I do not share on the Ukrainians, Russian, Chechens, Armenians, Jews, and so on. D. They are equally dear to me, fighting with the descendants of Nazi Nedobitko. It's not that we came in Rivne Zhytomyr or to kill, rob and rape, to destroy the house, burn fields, blasting plants. In his cruelty they overshadowed even the Nazis during the occupation of the Donbass. However, even if the Germans do not differ atrocities, and Ukrainian nationalists, who served in the police and Sonderkommando.

- Foreigners in the militia there?

- Of course it is, fight with us shoulder to shoulder and the Serbs, and the Spaniards, and the French and the Germans, genuinely hate fascism and the current hegemony of the United States. These are people of conscience, which is still warm in Europe. Once detained at a checkpoint German, was brought to me. Who is he? Where to? Why? Answers that came for his wife, who in Lugansk, and for his beloved cat. Clear: cat love because and rolled. I saw the machine asks to sell and rake out of the pocket 40 thousand euros. Says, is all that is, to pay for the courier. Like, I want to fight the fascists. At this time, a call from the office of Merkel. Some of its adviser hysteria, screaming that we captured a German citizen, and demands his release. I answer that I did not mind, but he does not want. "What does he want?" - Asks adviser. "In the militia" - I answered. Silence on for ages, and then so quietly: "And you can hear it?". "Yes, no problem," - I answered and handed the phone to the German. The one and gave: I tanker, sergeant of the Wehrmacht, the commander of the tank "Leopard 2" and please give me all 3 tanks and then, they say, after 2 days I will be in Kiev. In response, more short beeps, and a single call. German for a speech I gave the machine and sent to Lugansk. Now fighting in the army canceled and Frau Merkel tanks so he did not sent.

- Lost a lot?

- For me, every "two hundredth" - the loss of a loved one, even if you do not know him personally. But this is war, and anything can happen. As for arithmetic, we have losses in the tens of times less than the "Ukropov." We grind almost all aircraft and armored vehicles of the Ukrainian army, they have thousands of dead and wounded, whom the authorities announce deserters to avoid paying relatives. We only special battalion does not bear the loss - constant replenishment.

- What the battalion?

- Prisoners.

- And a lot? What happened to them?

- Enough. Basically just keep officers - for sharing. Conscripts and soldiers generally give native if coming or being trafficked into the region. "Natsik" ​​take no prisoners in principle - to re-ideological beasts once. With our they do not stand on ceremony, and why we have to be noble? They came to us with the sword, because walk in the covenant of Alexander Nevsky.

- And as the Kiev government relates to variants of the exchange?

- Yes, they (the prisoners) Kiev do not need at all. Every time they are set on edge about it. That agreed Olga (Olga Kulygina, Ph.D., was captured by Ukrainian law enforcers as the saboteur) exchanged for officers of the Security Service, but at the last moment changed his mind Kiev: colonels they have nashtampuyut, but check out the Olga. It's nice that they have for each of our changing some of his. Olga we still exchanged - one woman on the 17 (!) Officers and a citizen of Georgia. They always change our for three, four or more of their - we are valued several times higher, and it is pride. General feeling that the soldiers Kiev only want dead - with live because power can still be problems, especially with the first frosts.

The conversation is interrupted - time fleeting, but still so much to do! Click hands, hug - before the meeting, Igor! Such as Bezler, legends. And for such as Avalanche, Gloomy, Jura, Olga, and many others, who by his heart rose up in defense of the Russian land. They are volunteers who challenged fascism as absorbed in the genetic memory Svetlovsky "Grenada" and the proud title winners received half a century ago their fathers and grandfathers.

Not yet time to reveal their names, talk about their affairs - is the specificity of the profession. But now their operations are the subject of in-depth analysis in the military academies. But now their names introduced into pomyannik and pray for the health of the Orthodox warriors. But now his self-denial, self-sacrifice for the sake of the life of the Russian state, they have earned the respect and admiration. Bow to them to the ground and pray for them. They - our honor and glory, honor and glory of our nation.

Sergey Berezhnoj

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