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» Kiev itself give Novorossia Mariupol

Kiev itself give Novorossia Mariupol

Kiev itself give Novorossia Mariupol

Donetsk residents return home. That is, of course, come back to all the cities of Donbass, but I know better Donetsk, in which millions of "pre-war" today, according to Acting Donetsk mayor Constantine Savinova, lives about 750 thousand inhabitants.

Progress - three weeks ago, it was two hundred thousand two hundred fifty-less. Do Tradesmen Southern Bus Terminal a new business - a step underpasses on the square littered with bags Communards, which previously only carried goods from Turkey. All logical - people come and Transfer in their city, they will need new bags.
Donetsk stands empty. On the streets, in the center, rush hour is almost people and machines, almost all the shops are closed, can not see the outdoor cafes. Empty playgrounds, of which "before the war" had built a great many, especially in the central part of the mining capital. Water is gravity, hot and cold under pressure is fed only five - seven in the evening, respectively. However, with electricity, gas and communications all right. And yet they come back. Why?

Of course, many simply do not live on what happened in the seaside village on the Azov, which left families with children. Secondly, it's time to go to work from an extended vacation. But in general, of course, donchane torn and tear in his native city, hearing that occurred some truce that began to shoot less. The house is the house. And do not stop them not closed restaurants and shops, or interruptions in water supply, no shots from the airport and for nitrogen at Rutchenkovke. Most shops confuse the fact that the city is practically a business, but still hope that somehow formed, but would not shoot.

This "do not shoot," concluded the deeper meaning of what donchane the heirs of people that have experienced and not so ready to accept any household load, but that's life and health of their loved ones ... there is even a hint can not be. In social networks donchane (I'm sure there is and Luhansk, gorlovtsev, enakievtsev etc.) started several original flash mobs, the purpose of which survive in a foreign country and to support those who have remained in their home cities under fire Ukrainian artillery). Usually people call 5 things they want to do, back in Donetsk. The author of these lines, frankly, taken aback when he passed the baton in a flash mob, I could not imagine that something special, and even to include fantasy, something came up, but the main thing for me and my family had just come back . In Donbass Donetsk. Home to Me ...

God knows how many more tests and waiting for all the inhabitants of Donetsk Donbass. Some of them (financial, economic, cultural) still lie in the mists of times and innuendo politicians. One of them, however, is already clear. Nearing the autumn rains, winter cold, and in Donetsk public utilities still have no clear idea how they will get out of the situation. The same Constantine Savinov said that to ensure the heating season in Donetsk him and his people needed at least two months of silence. Roughly the same say the railroad. While they provide only half of the required coal for thermal power plants (CHP) area, in addition, many boilers, especially the larger and more necessary and possible remake - convert to gas consumption for power coal and fuel oil. Fortunately, many of them were at one time made ​​such "hybrids".

But without gas, of course, can not do. He will need for TPP and, even more painful degree, for enterprises. This is especially significant is when under the control of the DNI return Mariupol metallurgical giants, and under the control of LC - chemical industry Severodonetsk, mid-term and Lysychansk. Ukraine find this gas will be difficult, perhaps because of this fact Kiev is ready to get rid of metallurgy and chemistry, and try to give her the cold and huge housing Mariupol Kramators'k and other industrial cities in the region in the power of "Republicans", thus preserving scarce gas reserves for survival Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa and Lvov to Kharkov. In Donbass Novorossia republics will remain one hope - to help with cheap gas from the Russian Federation.

But apart from energy to Donetsk and Lugansk gets a lot of problems in the very near future. Just to mention a few: the destroyed road and seriously damaged railway facilities, dozens of bombed bridges and overpasses, emergency channel status of the Seversky Donets - Donbas, conduits and water pipes, gas mains critical damage, completely broken freight transport logistics and trade, flooded mines, metabolic human resources, the most severe crisis management. And that's not to mention such basic troubles as a lack of finance, economic ties torn down, the lack of orders for plants, pharmacological collapse.

The saddest thing in all that he Donbass in war of the ills not extricate himself, it is clear, all gone too far, Ukraine, even if we assume that he could leave the Donbass in his arms, just not able to find the money to rebuild.

The main hope for Russia. That Moscow will not leave Donetsk and Lugansk, despite the Western sanctions and the threat of the introduction of new ones.

Author: Oleg Izmailov

Теги: Kiev

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