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» SOS from Russians of Donbass

SOS from Russians of Donbass

SOS from Russians of Donbass

Today the whole civilized world is watching the horrendous tragedy unfolding in the Donbass land. There is a full-scale genocide of the Russian people taking place. We are shot from of all possible kinds of weapons, including tanks and missile systems, the air-crafts bomb us from the air. They are trying to wipe us off from the surface of the Earth. They want to see us dead. They want us to die, as Russians.

Heart- rending wail of the siren, empty shelves in the food stores and pharmacies, houses and public institutions lying in ruins, shell craters and corpses of people on the roads — all this has become everyday reality for residents of towns and villages here. Dozens, sometimes hundreds die every day in Donetsk and Lugansk regions. It’s the «anti-terrorist operation» going on, you see.
Kiev government without batting an eyelid slammed the label «terrorists» onto the entire population of the Donbass, including the frail elderly, pregnant women, and infants. The latter categories fall as victims of the «ATO» most often. But it looks like Kiev government couldn’t care less. The propaganda monsters and ATO masterminds announced us guilty, simply because we were born Russian.

The war has come to my home town, too. Just recently it was a flourishing region, where the Don Cossacks from Russian territories settled long ago. Pleasing to the eye, with beautiful nature and the echo of the old days living in the «auld lang songs» from the past. The regional center, city of Lugansk, situated just 12 km away from the village of Luganskaya, was traditionally receiving most of provisions from here. Scarlet strawberries, plucked straight from the garden, cucumbers and tomatoes grown in greenhouses and fields, milk and cheese… People here are hard-working, they know and love their work, and don’t believe in mercies and freebies. They lived and worked to make their dream come true. But now everything has changed. It’s war.

Sounds of automatic and machine-gun fire periodically echo somewhere in the vicinity. Pumping shell explosions. Eyes of a little boy, with only fear in them. «Mom, I am scared», he whispers. And his mother, crushed by own helplessness to protect him from the deathly danger. Crying of a shaky old woman, barely able to go down to the basement, fleeing from the bombs falling from the sky. Armed men patrolling the deserted streets… once this a happy, lively village. Today its inhabitants merely exist — without electricity or gas, without the transport of fresh produce in stores and medicines in drug stores. It’s war.

The fighting near the Luganskaya village started in late May. It would subside and again pick up, and either way it was impossible for the village and it’s people to stay away from the deadly fighting. The village sits on two strategically important roads, both of them giving access to the city of Lugansk, the capital of the region (and now the Lugansk People’s Republic). On both the roads, just before bridges over the river Seversky Donets, anti-junta militia organized checkpoints. I must say, here militia forces comprise mostly of locals. First volunteers were those who initially could not bear the thought that our land will be seized by the nationalistic enemies with their inhuman, fascist-inspired order. Now more and more people join in — they are simply sick and tired of living in constant fear of death, they come together, to protect their fathers' land. And they fight as they used to work: hard, smart and without fatigue. Many Nazi butchers found their death in the Cossack land, a lot of military equipment were destroyed and burned.

July 2 became a black day in the history of the Luganskaya village. On this day, the aircraft of the Air Force of Ukraine bombed Ostrovsky St. 12 people, including two children, were killed on the spot, a few dozens received injuries of various severity. More than an odd choice for the purpose of anti-terrorist operation — bombing peaceful citizens who never held weapon in their hands. This can’t be even a tragic target error, for no rebel soldiers ever came here. Their nearest post was situated few kilometers away.
What horrible calculation lies behind this tragedy (and many more similar killings)? What are the objectives pursued? These questions remain open. Ukrainian authorities were quick to put the blame on militias. As in, it was the bloody rebels who shelled a quiet street (killing own families and friends?!). The «civilized world» readily believed this cynical fable. Despite the fact that hundreds of people living in the village were the witnesses of the war crimes committed by Ukrainian forces against civilian population. But what do they care, those Kiev authorities? What do they care about tears of children, old men and women hiding in the cellars from the shelling and air raids of Ukrainian aviation? What do they, murderers who started this massacre, care about the deaths of many innocent people?

The blood of innocent victims cries out to heaven!

Author: Yudkin Dmitri. Member MSPU (Interregional Union of Writers of Ukraine). Chairman of the Board of literary-historical club «Rusich».

Russians help Russians!

Brothers and sisters! Land of Novorossia are in the middle of catastrophe. Killed children, women and old people, destroyed homes and factories, empty stores and pharmacies — that’s what we face every day. But the people of Novorossia do not give up and will stand until the end. Support our Russian brothers in their holy struggle for truth and justice!

ITEMS OF PRIME NECESSITY you can send across:

Medications: styptic drugs, antiseptics, iodine, antiviral drugs, tourniquets, medical bandages, dressing packs, elastic bandages, plaster, insulin, antibiotics.

Food: cereals, pasta, canned food, biscuits, chocolate, tea, sugar.

Clothing and household items: sleeping bags, blankets, tents.

Where to take things

Moscow, Metro station «Boulevard Rokossovskogo» (formerly «Street Podbelskogo»), Ivanteevskaya St. Building 3, Tower 3, gate 3, the headquarters of the Cossacks «Belokamenskoe».

Timings: daily from 11:00 to 19:00.

Phone: 8 (985) 334–4228, 8 (964) 642-53-41 — Ruslan; 8 (926) 869-61-87 — Michael.


Bank (Branch office) № 9038/0668,
Bank’s correspondent account 30101810400000000225
BIC 044525225
Beneficiary’s name and account: 40820810838253401099 Yudkin Dmitry Nikolayevich.

You collected humanitarian aid will be sent to Stanichno-Lugansk region of the Lugansk People’s Republic.

God and truth are with us!

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