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» Donetsk Efficient Counter-Offensive

Donetsk Efficient Counter-Offensive

Donetsk Efficient Counter-Offensive

August, 24 the Prime Minister of the Donetsk People Republic who is the same time its troops Commander-in-Chief declared that Republican Army is no militia any more but regular army. He understressed that 1200 fightsmen trained in the territory of the Russian Federation had been back to Donbass and also said that Donetsk and Lughansk Republics had got a number of Ukrainian armaments and technique enough to counter-strike Kyev junta's forces.

Donetsk formed three infantry brigades, two tank battallions and two artillery divisions.

In two days of 24 and 25 of August its forces blocked approximately 7 000 Ukrainian regular soldiers and Nation Guard volunteer battallions in three areas - Amvrosievka, Ilovaysk and Saur-Mogila. The last famous mound was retaken by Donbass fighters on 27 of August. Defeated Ukrainian troops flew back to still loyal to hunta regions.

Near Ilovaysk a big amount of Fascist activists from National Guard volunteer battallions were blocked. After the term for capitulation was passed Novorossian Army have continued their liquidation. Some of them who flew to Kyev are protesting there against military commanders demanding urgent help to their units.

But junta actually has not much to send.

Aspecially because of new direction of warfare opened by DPR forces near the southern capital of Donbass - Mariupol, which is situated at the Azov sea shore.

After they took Telmanovo and Novoazovsk Donbass fighters have practically all the Russian border after them. They also moved to Starobeshevo and Volonovakha - strategically meaningful points on the map of Novorossia which were previously held by junta's forces.

Near Lughansk local militia is attacking a number of Ukrainian defence points aiming first of all Veselaya Gora where from Fascist artillery shells Lughansk city killing a lot of civilians.

The information is coming that tank units of Lughansk Army are concentrated to attack Ukrainian positions wich possess a compatible amount of armored vehicles.

Meanwhile Aleksandr Zakharchenko declared that Donbass authorities would publish in Internet personal documents of dead Ukrainian militaries whose numerous names junta doesn't like to confirm. He regreted for other Ukrainian regions behalf of which thousands of mobilised under the fear of prison soldiers had to be dead fighting their brothers in Donetsk and Lughansk regions. People's Republics of Donbass are still ready to return captives they have to their relatives.

That's more than 1 000 soldiers and officers.

Trying to explain their catastrophe Kyev junta again lies about Russian agression.

But if previously one couldn't find nothing except fakes like unfound military columns only photos of which appeared to be false also as all witnesses of Russian documents and armaments now Kyev have 10 people saying they are Russian airborne unit captured near Amvrosievka in a distance of 10-20 km from the border with Russia.

That's appeared to be the first time when it was not a fake of Ukrainian propaganda. Russian Defence Ministry confirmed that its unit missed the border but without special tasks other then intelligence from the Russian side.

Previously mutual acts of crossing the border by Ukrainian troops had place together with falling of Ukrainian shells on the Russian territory. One civilian was killed, several people including border-guards were wounded but Russian authorities never took caught Ukrainian militaries for a long releasing them back to Ukraine with their arms also.

More than that already 1 500 Ukrainian militaries in different time crossed Russian border officially saving their lives while being defeated by Donbass fighters and being left by their own commanders. The last party came across the border just on 27 of August.

But all of them were in time sent to Ukraine if they wished that (only some of them stayed in Russia because they don't want to take part in this slaughter any more or are afraid of illegal prosecution in Ukraine). Those who had been wounded were taken care of in Russian hospitals.

But one hardly can expect the same attitude to captured by junta Russian soldiers because that is the first time they have got some real "evidence" except their previous false statements.

As for Donbass leaders Aleksandr Zakharchenko declared that approximately 3 or 4 000 volunteers from Russia mostly militarily experienced fight among Novorossia forces.

Actually people of Donbass would be glad to see Russian Army defeating junta' troops who killed thousands of local residents and destroyed this very industrial developed region. But as Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov explained Russia can't just interfere to prevent mass atrocities of Kyev junta because its Western patrons block all peaceful initiatives.

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