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» Parade of War Prisoners in Donetsk Like It Was (photo and video)

Parade of War Prisoners in Donetsk Like It Was (photo and video)

Parade of War Prisoners in Donetsk Like It Was (photo and video)

August, 24, when the Ukraine Independense Day was celebrated in Kyev by Petr Poroshenko words about people of Donbass looking for deliberation by the Ukrainian Army, those people of Donbass, already used to see how the Ukrainian Army destroy their homes and kill their compatriots, watched at the column formed from 50-100 captives from Ukrainian military marching in the streets of Donetsk. The exibition site of Ukrainian tanks, guns and armored vehicles destroyed by militia of Donbass was set in the central square.

Western politicians declared it to be an act of humiliation. Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said he hadn't seen such act in the fact of this parade. Donetsk Republic Premier and Main Chief of its army forces Aleksandr Zakharchenko said there was no any violation of international laws. Only thing we wanted to show to the Kyev he said is that all their troops and armor had or would have been defeated. The same time leaders of Donetsk wanted to show their people that the enemy who killed so many innocent people for their own choice not to live under the Fascist rule would have been punished.

This is how it was seen by Igor Kots and Dmitry Steshin, war reporters from a Russian newspaper, who had become famouse for their insights of Slavyansk' siege.

Until recently it was unclear would be this "parade of shame" held or not.

According to our information, opinions on this matter among leaders of the Donetsk People Republic have divided.

Some thought that there is nothing wrong to revive the tradition when Nazi captives marched on the streets of Moscow in 1944.

Logically all were agreed that current war is against the fascism.

The fact that Novorossiyan militia fights not "warriors of light", but an enemy with no moral principles, should have been already understood by everybody.

Morning August, 24, there was another confirmation: "greeting" Donetsk with their "independence Day" Ukrainian artillery sent at 7 am series of shells which hit the Kalinin hospital. One of the shells hit the hospital morgue,where the bodies of killed citizens by previuos shellings laid.

There also were other opinions, from the realm of morality: "we must be above that", "we are not like them" etc.

As for us we went to the "parade of shame" with no emotions, believing that the residents of Donetsk must decide themselves

In the morning people began to gather on the square to see the burnt equipment.

Aand by two o'clock in front of the monument of Lenin at least five thousand people gathered up.

For extinct Donetsk its a colossal figure that shocked even themselves who gathered.

We were told that many people wanted to come, but was just afraid of the morning shelling of the hospital had showed that Ukrainian artillery quietly "pulls" to the city centre.

Why those who don't hesitate to send bombs and shells on residential areas, will not use this opportunity to destroy in one fell swoop several hundred "terrorists".

Exactly at two hours presenter stated that the anti-fascist meeting is declared open and said a few bitter words:

- Now you will see people who kill us and bombed our city. And yet, these people killed Ukraine within us. Now we are Russians!

"The Russians!" - responded the square by thousands of voices.

Below the square, on extinct Artema street, moved some ranks of the gray people.

The first rank lined up silently along the sidewalks.

The militia stood in the circuit, protecting the convoy.

Louder and louder the Donetsk citizens shouted "Fascists!"

Finally, some woman lost her nerve and threw towards prisoners a bottle of mineral water, but missed.

The whole "March" lasted for 5-7 minutes.

It was followed by three watering machines, sweeping away to the edges of pavement the garbage, tomatoes, egg shell.

The same "Polivalka" went for past columns of Nazi prisoners in 1944.

Someone threw at the feet of the captives two flags: one was of Bandera Ukrainian Nationalst movement - red and black - the second was an Ukrainian one, yellow and blue.

Flags stuck to the asphalt.

Some militiaman picked up a wet rag with the tip of his trunk and had dragged them to the curb.

The people returned to the square, where the head of united parlament of Novorossia already Oleg Tsarev began to speak:

- Thank you for being here. Thank you for that you survived. If you were not, it would not make sense to protect the city. You go to work, you are helping the city to live. Today we have a festive mood. Enemies are thrown into battle all their reserves, they remove all troops in Kharkov, Mariupol, reservists and conscripts with rusty machines are sent to slaughter. There is a big number of deaths, the Ukrainian government has launched the conveyor of death. They expected that it would put us on the knees, but they failed.

Last speech while this short rally was made by the Commander-in-Chief Aleksandr Zakharchenko.

He announced the news, which exhausted people very much, they were just afraid to believe:

- Yesterday we began a counteroffensive, - said Zakharchenko. - About 4,000 people from Ukrainian military are in the ring under the Amvrosiyivka. You have seen here at the square some burnt technique. There one can see ten times more. We can't just to bring it here. I want to say thank you to the mothers and fathers of my soldiers, of militias. For what they have brought these men. The heroes. I've seen 18-year-old boy went under the tank with grenades. Thanks to our grandfathers and great-grandfathers for proper upbringing. The lowest bow.

A few minutes Alexander Zakharchenko talked with people, and in this short rally ended.

Ciitizens did not disperse from the area - enjoyed each other, talked, looked at the trophies.

We have long sat in almost the only working café, wrote a note, gave photo and video...

And suddenly people rushed from the area at our eyes.

The matter was that someone spread the rumor that in Kramatorsk from the airfield tactical weapon "Tochka-U" had started towards Donetsk.

This stampede showed how extreme mental exhaustion are these people in.

Don't judge Donetsk strictly, if they are angry, when they are killed.

At least they didn't put the prisoners on their knees, like did the Ukrainian nationalists with "Berkut" police units after Maidan, and don't beat till death or hardly being alive like Ukrainian State Security Service and Fascist battalions do with captives from among Novorossia militiamen and local residents.

Parade of War Prisoners in Donetsk Like It Was (photo and video)
Parade of War Prisoners in Donetsk Like It Was (photo and video)[/center]

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